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To Install a Toilet
If you're reusing the old flange, it's a good idea to replace the flange bolts. Purchase two 3 1/2-inch-long closet bolts at your local home center. If you're replacing the flange, it must be screwed into a wooden floor. Self-tapping concrete screws are used for concrete.

Set the toilet bowl. Straddle the toilet bowl and lift, using your legs and not your back. Toilets are heavy, so get some help. Set the toilet over the anchor bolts and sit on the toilet, rocking it back and forth to seat the wax ring. Tighten the nuts. Draw the nuts down over both anchor bolts until they are hand-tight. Shim as necessary to maintain level. Use an adjustable wrench and—moving from one side of the toilet to the other-alternate the tightening of each nut a half-turn at a time until it's snug. Don't over tighten. You should still cut through so you don't bend the bolt.